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You must have heard of commercial shooting business, today photography freelancers are enjoying benefits of working on assignments of corporate event photography singapore, which are meant to generate stock images, and if you are thinking of starting your own career in this genre, you have to know the actual undertone, the gist of this photography venture.  From products to headshots, event pictures, pictures of fines arts and many more are held under this photography enterprise. If these days you are thinking of embarking on a  micro-stock photography business, sourcing broad multiplicity of images which includes pictures like flowers and landscapes, nature photographs,  product images and many more , you need to adhere to few simple steps.

Making plan:

corporate event photography singapore

 Among varying offshoots of corporate event photography singapore, you need to determine which one you want to go after first. If you start with a comprehensive approach, things may fall apart, so start working on one particular field. Make a business time schedule; include your photography style and technique and the marketing techniques you are thinking of adopting. Do not overlook the significance of social networking sites like Twitter, Craigslist, Pinterest and most popular Facebook.

Obtaining basic instruments

You need to obtain few basic tools, which are going to help you directly in your commercial shooting venture. Start with a digital SLR having 10 mega-pixels capacity, a tripod, lenses, essential backdrop, photographic paper, lighting equipments, CDs and last but not the least printer.

Proper branding

Like any other merchandize and service, your corporate event photography Singapore also needs branding, showcase your photographic outcomes with artist’s signature. It will help you set your own independent style and make people aware of your photographic finesse. Give your shop a name and complete the registration process. It’s better not to use your own name for the shop rather use something catchy, which will grab attention at once. Depending upon the location and complying to its legalities you must move forward in you undertaking.


You must not forget obtaining indemnity insurance for the equipments you are making use of. Insure your studio along with your equipments. So that whether your studio faces any calamity, theft or any kind of misfortune you do not have to bear the expense all on your own. Before opening a studio, you must go through the zoning precincts as well.

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