Resilience means being strong and firm in times of hardship and stress and being able to recover quickly from disappointments and defeats. It’s a quality that all families should develop, especially if they are going through the difficult experience of divorce or separation. A Houston family law attorney can help you strengthen your family resilience by giving you legal guidance as you work toward building the happy future your family deserves.

Staying connected

It may seem obvious, but staying connected to your family is one of the most important ways that you can help them get through tough times. Whether your family has experienced trauma at work, in their personal relationships or because of a natural disaster, your presence and involvement can be a big comfort. Because trauma affects everyone differently, there’s no single set of guidelines for how best to support someone who’s struggling; it’s important for each family member to discover what works for them personally.

Strengthening relationships

When it comes to family resilience, it all starts with your relationships. It’s important for families to spend quality time together, whether that’s during dinner or a holiday weekend. Or, if you can’t do that in person, set aside time on Skype or Facebook so that everyone can see how loved ones are doing.

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Creating routines

An important way to build resilience in your family is to create rituals and routines. We all know that children thrive on predictability. Routine not only gives them a sense of security and makes life predictable, but also helps establish new family traditions.

Managing expectations

When you’re part of a family, everyone has different expectations. Since you have so many people invested in your life and your future: parents, siblings, children. it’s important to talk about what you all want out of it and how you can work toward those goals together. These conversations can be tricky when some parties don’t want to talk about them (or avoid them altogether), but it will improve things in your family immensely if these topics are brought up and discussed openly.

Setting boundaries

When you have strong boundaries, you don’t give others permission to hurt you. When someone says or does something hurtful, you won’t take it personally. You know that person is angry about something else in their life, and isn’t acting out of malice towards you personally, they’re just projecting their feelings onto you.

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