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The screened porch offers you benefits – enjoy the yard and protect you from unpleasant elements outdoors. Taking in the beautiful surrounding scenery and fresh air while protected from insects outdoors However, the porch’s screens may let you enjoy the beauty of nature but it can secure you from prying eyes. If you want a little more private, take some ideas of less exposed and relaxing screen enclosures in Pleasanton, CA.

Increase privacy for screen enclosure

Having a screen enclosed doesn’t mean you are hindered from privacy. Although the exact description of a screen enclosure is exposed, still a few remedies can increase privacy while you enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Try these brilliant ideas to increase the privacy of a screen enclosure:

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  • Installing plantation shutters. Shutters will be the ideal alternative to increase a more private screen enclosure. Don’t worry about cleaning the fabric coverings as you have shutters to install. It is typically made from wood that adds an interesting decorative element to the porch while covering the screens. Thus, passersby and neighbors can’t see you inside.

Plantation shutters are a versatile option as it features louvers, allowing you to adjust for less or more privacy. Screened porches design vary. It is best to have shutters custom-made to build specific screens.

  • Hang some shades. Hang some shades to make a little more private room. Porch shades come in a variety of colors and styles to add decorative elements while increasing privacy. Installing a natural look, simple, blinds, and pull-down shades are the best options. But, giving a more elegant look of the porch must hang traditional curtains. Use a washable for window treatments, so it is easy to clean if it gets stained. Using window treatments or shades for privacy can be easily pulled open or back when wanted to get exposed to the beautiful scenery outdoors.
  • Create a shrub screen. Use plants to make the screened porch more private. Planting tall hedges around the porch can block the view and make it more private. Plant shrubs at the right spot to give the screened porches more privacy.

Screen enclosures are a good space to create on your patio. Why not use the space if you want to feel an open space while in the comfort of your home? Many homeowners are planning to create a small room-like space outdoors but are worried about the weather and insects. To block them, build a screen enclosure to enjoy the beauty of the room while protecting yourself and the family from the cold weather and bugs.

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