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If you’re wondering where to turn to get a background check, consider using a service such as one of the following. The previous two services are relatively similar, although one is more expensive than the other. However, the prices are reasonable for what these services provide and are comparable with other background check providers that charge a flat rate per report. Although many providers offer this service, these two stand out from the crowd. In nearly every case, you’ll get a detailed report back on your request. To understand more go to

This includes any criminal records or information in their system regarding your subject or yourself. For example, if your spouse has been arrested for theft or identity theft, this will show up in their design and any action taken by law enforcement (arrest and charges). This means that it is pretty likely that they have had contact with law enforcement in some form or fashion during their lives. Another good thing is that many states require verification of this information and ask you to confirm it before releasing your results (in many cases via snail mail). 


Even if they have an arrest record on file, it still probably won’t be revealed through these services. If they can’t verify the information submitted themselves, then they’ll just let you know so that you can take care of verifying on your own without having to wait on them! There are other details like sexual offenders re-assessment requests, confirming sex offenders living in your community, and more. Check out the complete list of services they offer here or click on the map below!

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