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Maintaining Hygiene is an important aspect. Especially Public buildings need to be taken more care of. All the cleaning can’t be done by staff, Even if done it can’t be perfect. If the appearance is not perfect,a business will be dropped. So, keeping in mind all these issues some companies are formed where theirstaffs undergoes special training in cleaning. Commercial Buildings like Shopping malls, Hotels,Warehouses, Restaurants, or Organisations hire stewarding services singapore to keep their property neat.

stewarding services singapore

How to choose the best cleaning service

Here are a few things to be considered to make the right decision before you regret it.

  1. Past reviews should be checked to know their skill;it’s just to gain trust.
  2. You should keenly go through the services they provide. Every business needs a certain aspect of their building to be the eye-catcher. For example, Museum has statues;they should be cleaned with utmost care.
  3. Some companies ask to sign a contract. Before signing, every line should be red. If you don’t like the service, you should be able to ask for re-cleaning. If the contract has any certain clause that doesn’t allow it, it would be a huge loss of money.
  4. If everything goes well like reviews and Services they offer. Before finalising the company, ask for the price quotes beforehand and compare with other cleaning companies. This will help a lot. We can’t get everything under a clean budget. So, carefully select the Company which provides all the services ata good price.
  5. Ask the company to give the contact information of previous customers for reference, so that we can know the review of the service they had provided.
  6. Ask for proof of insurance. If any of the staff members of their company gets injured during the working process, you have to be responsible for the accident if they don’t have insurance.

Types of Cleaning Services

  1. Carpet Cleaning
  2. Emergency Response cleaning
  3. Green Cleaning
  4. Post Construction Cleaning
  5. Glass Cleaning
  6. Floor Cleaning
  7. Elevator Cleaning and many more.

Nowadays cleaning and sanitizing became a necessity. People are more health-conscious than ever before. If the cleaning is not proper, it repulses the public audience and affects the business. Cleaning the building frequently is good for health and also for the growth of the business.

When cleaning is a must, the Selection of a commercial cleaning serviceshould be done carefully. Each step should be taken carefully. Get a special cleaning company that can do justice to the money you pay.

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