Biggest Dance Show On aha


Do you enjoy watching dance reality shows? OTT platform has come up with the biggest Dance show on their platform, the dance ikon. It is a reality dance show that is exclusively streamed just on the aha platform.

It is one of the largest performing platforms that stream Tamil and Telugu content. Several different Tamil and Telugu movies and web series are streamed over the platform. If you are reflecting on what to do in your leisure time, you can Watch Telugu Web Series Online on aha.

The cast of dance ikon

Biggest Dance Show On aha

The first season of dance ikon is hosted by the popular Tollywood legend and producer Ohmkar. On the platform of dance ikon, it is noted that several celebrity choreographers and TV personalities are mentoring contestants. The mentors of the show are Sreemukhi, Yashwanth Master and Monal Gajjar.

Along with that, there are several other popular contestants who participate in the battle of dance ikon to showcase their talent.

dance ikon Highlights

The trending Dance show dance Ikon is a dance rivalry between 15 choreographers. Along with these choreographers, there are 12 dashing contestants from all over the nation to accompany them on their journey.

The battle on dance ikon is a rivalry to find out the ultimate star in the field. Dance ikon is a platform for showcasing the real talents of choreographers and dancers to present their worth in the field of dancing.

What to expect from dance ikon?

All the performances on the platform dance ikon are superbly crafted. It is a platform where passionate dancers put on their dance shoes to portray their love and craft. It is an iconic dance reality show and a delightful watch.

A healthy rivalry between all the fellow contestants is noticed on the platform of dance ikon. The show is designed to transform the lives of the choreographers along with the participants.

Watch the latest dance show on aha.

Have you heard about the latest edition of Telugu dance show  on the platform? Dance ikon is one of the most trending reality shows that is being streamed on the aha platform. If you are a dance enthusiast and you want to watch the show you can subscribe to aha today.

Along with that, on the platform of aha, you can also stream several other Vernacular contents from different genres.

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