SEA’s Investigation About The Failure Of The Wooden Roller Coaster


The well-known roller coaster ride in North Carolina has been a big talk because of the accident that happened. It was a roller coaster made of wood, which failed to work properly and caused an accident. Now, the question here is, is it right to use wood for the construction of this popular ride?

SEA was assigned to evaluate and investigate what happened during that time and why the failure of the huge wooden roller coaster occurred. Being said that steel is an ideal material to use for construction. Yet, the wooden design roller coaster is still operating and permitted to function amidst the material used.

The roller coaster failure analysis was evaluated and investigated by SEA, in which they came up with answers on the failure of the ride while in use.

Why did the huge wooden roller coaster fail?

A case study has been conducted from the fact of where the design comes from and why the designer came up with the idea to use wood. The legendary designer of the huge wooden roller coaster was a German ride designer and engineer. After many years of operating, the huge structure encountered problems on how it sways until the secondary design proposed stiffening the structure.

It was then the structure of the wooden roller coaster was added with cables attached to the central point. With that, it adds up more security on the ride to protect the riders from possible malfunctioning and accidents. The modification had increased the whole stability of the ride. The distribution of force had changed as well as the torque on the parts of the roller coaster.

While under investigation, SEA found out that some of the wooden supports had split out around the bolts. The track that carries the trains of cars had dropped out of alignment gradually, causing an accident to the cars that passed over.

Cause of wooden roller coaster failure revealed

The state asked SEA to handle the case about the failure of the huge wooden roller coaster to evaluate the condition of the said ride. It is very important for everyone to know and be aware of the condition of the huge wooden material ride, for everyone’s awareness.

SEA applied careful analysis regarding what had happened to investigate carefully, from small to large pieces of details. Using some photos of the structure as well as the damaged sections to come up with an analysis regarding the incident. It could be a big help to study everything on the structure to know the cause of the ride’s failure.

SEA’s strong case study cleared the incident’s issue of why the huge wooden roller coaster failed, not on how it works but the current condition of the structure. All the collected information and details by the SEA cleared out the wooden roller coaster failure.

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