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The O-level exams are considered to be an important exam that held in Singapore as well as helps students to make a decision for their next journey just after completing the secondary education. Is Will it be a junior college or centralised institute or polytechnic? The students can take this exam at an end of their 4year secondary education and then apply for the admission to institutions that are using their results. O levels Singapore can be taken as the private candidate too.

What Is O-level?

‘Cambridge Ordinary Level or Cambridge O Level exam is recognized across the world and is on par with Cambridge IGCSE and GCSE exams. This O level exam allows student to get prepared for their Cambridge A Level exam that is the national university entrance exam. It prepares these students for other paths that they can select.

What are the advantages of O levels?

Cambridge O Level exam helps the students to develop skills, understanding, and knowledge in the subject content & intellectual enquiry. This O Level exam is made for the students across the world, which includes students whose first language isn’t English.

Students get complete flexibility of selecting from more than 40 subjects over various areas, it means they can study these subjects that they enjoy & are good at.

Assessment happens at an end of their course and gives students several options to show their learning, which includes written, oral and practical assessment. Grades awarded at O Level exams are A*–E, and with A* being the highest grade.

It means that O Level makes an amazing foundation for study, which includes Cambridge International AS and A Level and post-16 routes.

Importance of Cambridge O-Levels Today

There have been the discussions on how exam-focused the education system in Singapore is and national exams like O-Levels must not get used as the main gauge on how students can do well in their life. No matter where the discussions go, still there is a huge demand for help for the students; particularly the exams are going around. Choosing the best tutor becomes very important as learning must be fun for the students rather than becoming another pressure for them.

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